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Custom Helmets and Tanks,
handmade in Italy.

Custom helmets and tanks, handmade in Italy.

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Not only Helmets and Accessories. At 70's we also customize your Motorcycle! Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve the Motorcycle of your dreams. 

MBE 2024 JAN. 19-21

70's Helmets Best Paint 2023 Award

The 2023 edition of the Motor Bike Expo saw us shine as our Flakes.

We presented the largest booth ever to celebrate our 15 years in business.

The 70's team presented the Killer Queen project, Harley Davidson Baggy made by our amazing artist collective, in pure Chicano style.
Awarded the Best Paint Award and admired by the many friends and customers who stopped by to say hello.

Wonderful turnout, lots of fans, lots of customers and friends.

We want to meet everyone again at MBE 2024!


A salon-laboratory where those who enter as customers leave as friends.

Come visit us and experience being surrounded by objects with a story, or preparing to live their very own story.
Next to our workshop where we have always refined our techniques to arrive at the perfect product, the one you want because it reflects you.

Text us on Whatsapp to make an appointment and with a simple video call you will choose your new helmet with us directly from The Great Helmets Wall in our showroom.

Quickly and clearly you can see a roundup of products, illustrated by our trained staff, with advice tailored to you.

To give each customer the proper attention, we welcome in Showroom by appointment.

We look forward to seeing you at Via San Gaetano Thiene 1, Monticello Conte Otto(VI)

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There are elective affinities that become collaborations.

Discover men's and women's clothing, with the accessories you've come to love from our helmet graphics.

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